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Thoughts on Martin Luther King

by Mark Allison

In anticipation of Martin Luther King remembrance on Monday, I listened again to his “I have a Dream” speech he gave in 1963 in Washington D.C. He begins his oratory talking about the Founding Fathers of our country establishing the United States on the principle of rights given to men. “We hold these truths to […]

But Know This

by Mark Allison

I was watching a detective show that my wife and I enjoy, and there is an administrator that, in the show, is trying to quit smoking. As the tension heats up in an investigation she remarks that she really needs to smoke a cigarette and we laugh because it’s a funny line and we need […]


by Mark Allison

We have a dog named Bravo. He looks like a German shepherd but he is considerably smaller which leads us to believe he is a mixture of breeds. He is a good dog, very loving especially of my youngest daughter who walks him often and pets and plays with him regularly. But Bravo’s specialty is […]

Are you Angry?

by Mark Allison

I have to admit, I am. I got really upset yesterday, well not just yesterday; it’s been building for some time. Specifically, I’m angry that we have succumbed to the pressure and have allowed fear to displace our faith and we slowly give up our freedoms that our forefathers sacrificed and died to preserve for […]