The thought of visiting a church for the first time can be unsettling – you aren’t sure what to expect. After all – each church is unique and has their own way of conducting their worship service. We’ve probably all had an experience of visiting a church – particularly one which practices a formal liturgy – in which the members are already familiar and comfortable with the order and manor of worship – but as a visitor – we feel totally clueless and can feel just downright uncomfortable – not knowing what to do, much less when to do it.

So our purpose here is to let you know what to expect at Calvary Baptist Church.

We come together as the body of Christ to celebrate and praise Him; to commune with Him and seek His presence and council; to learn more about God and Christ through Bible Study and Prayer; and finally – to obey the ordinances that Christ has commanded His followers. Each of these will be explained – both in Biblical context and how we here at Calvary Baptist Church go about them. We do note – that we do not follow a formal liturgy as some Churches do – the congregation is free to express their worship in whatever manner they feel led.

We believe the first day of the week to be the Lord’s Day.
Prayer and Preparation: The sanctuary is open starting at 8:30 AM for Prayer and preparing one’s self for the services that follow. Anyone may come and go as they please; quiet is appreciated for those in prayer, study or other preparations.

Adult Ministry – Sunday School
Sunday School starts at 9:20 AM Classes are available for all age groups, couples, singles, etc. Attend which ever you are comfortable; don’t hesitate to ask for directions to a classroom appropriate to your needs. Classes are informal with study led by a teacher; discussion and sharing are encouraged.

Children’s Ministry – Sunday School
The Children’s Department is located on the 2nd floor above the Fellowship Hall. Children in grades 1-6 are invited to join us at 9:20 AM for Children’s Choir and Sunday School. Sunday School is essential to grow children into disciples for Christ.

Morning Worship
Morning Worship starts at 10:30 AM in the sanctuary. Announcements, etc. are usually followed by worship in song. Feel free to worship as you feel led. Music is a mix of traditional hymns and up-beat praise songs. While we do raise our praises to the Lord – we don’t try to raise the roof (ear muffs not needed). Tithes and offerings are usually collected during an offertory, again – do as you feel led, don’t worry about what your neighbor thinks – this is between you and God. This part of the service is usually concluded with special music – after which The Word of God is shared as the pastor or speaker feels led. The service usually concludes with an invitation – one may come to ask questions; pray for needs; declare their decision for Christ; seek membership in this church or whatever one might feel led to do. School age children are included in the first part of the worship service – and those wishing to participate in Children’s Church will be escorted to their service just before the offertory. Children are of course welcome to remain in the Morning Worship service if they desire.

Evening Worship
Evening Worship begins at 5:00 PM and follows a format similar to the Morning Worship service.

The Lord’s Supper is usually observed once a quarter – usually at the end of the Morning Service. The Lord’s Supper is reserved to Believing Christians; we do welcome all believers to participate regardless of church membership. Baptism is commonly held at the start of the Morning Worship Service – but may be performed anytime. This is a time of joy for Believers – but there is nothing required of the congregation.

Mid-week services are held on Wednesday nights, starting at 5:15 PM with a fellowship dinner held in the Fellowship Hall. Members usually help defray costs – but guests are our guests – and are expected to just enjoy themselves.

Bible Skills, Drills and Thrills meets one hour each Wednesday at 6:00 PM and is designed for kids in grades 1-6. Bible Skill, Drills and Thrills is a fun-filled Bible Skills Curriculum that provides fun, keeps kids moving, provides hands-on ideas for guiding children to locate, learn and apply Scripture to their daily living.

Prayer Meeting held in the Fellowship Hall beginning at 6:15 PM.

7:00 PM is Adult Choir Practice.

Nursery/Pre-School Department
Your child is your most valuable gift. Thank you for sharing your child with us. Caring workers, whose goal is to provide a loving, safe and fun environment for your child, staff our nursery and pre-school department.

Nursery Services are available for children ages six weeks through five years.
Sundays 9:00 AM – until the conclusion of the morning worship service
Sunday evenings 5:45 PM – until the conclusion of the evening worship service
Wednesdays 5:15 – 7:15 PM

As needed, the nursery may be open other days and times – and will be announced as appropriate.

What to Bring
Parents should bring formula, diapers, wipes and an extra set of clothes, as well as any other items of necessity (e.g. pacifier, special blanket). Please clearly mark your child’s diaper bag and individually label everything you intend to leave in the nursery.

If you have any questions about any of these things – or other matters you’d just like to talk about –
Please don’t hesitate to contact us however is convenient to you.
Phone 601-482-6403